Aside from visiting the homepage everyday, there are a number of convenient ways to read the latest posts from this site. I’d like to take time today to introduce you to some of them.


RSS stands for ‘really simple syndication’ and makes it easy for you to read the latest content from all of your favorite websites in one place. Instead of ‘bookmarking’ your favorite websites like in the old days, free services like Google Reader subscribe you to news feeds. You just have to click on the RSS logo of any website to get updates in your RSS reader (like Google Reader).

foxnomad rss logoStandard RSS logo: RSS Logo The foXnoMad RSS logo is the chubby little orange guy on the right reading the newspaper. Click him and you’ll get updates of the latest posts in your RSS reader.

Still confused? Video Jug has a a great explanation, in plain English.

Email Updates

Those of you with more traditional tastes, can sign up for email updates using the form below. You’ll get a daily email of each new post and you won’t have to leave your inbox to read it or see the pictures. I update foXnoMad 5-6 days per week and will never distribute your email to anyone else, use it for anything else, or spam you with anything else. All you get is 5 updates per week of each new post.

Receive email updates:

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Meet other foXnoMad readers, leave comments, and read my latest posts on the foXnoMad Facebook blog network. You don’t need to install any additional applications, all you need is a Facebook account. You can also become my friend on Facebook, because I’m a friendly guy 🙂


I’ve recently discovered and become a member of the StumbleUpon community. The site lets you vote, recommend, and review your favorite sites. If you’re already ‘Stumbling’ I’d appreciate a stumble and would gladly return the favor.

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Other Ways To Interact With foXnoMad

  • Send me an email using this contact form.
  • Leave a comment on any post.
  • Ask me for advice on your travel issues. I’ll respond to your requests through my Travel Unravel series.
  • Add your site to my Links Page.

I thought long and hard whether I wanted to take some time from writing about travel to post the various ways you can follow along with foXnoMad. I did so because I think that many of you may not be aware of, for example, what RSS is, or that these options exist. I hope that it’s been worthwhile for all of you and that you’ll subscribe if you haven’t already, and leave a comment or shoot me an email to say ‘hi’ if you already have.

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