Several of the contestants for the Inspire Me Africa Photo Contest sent in multiple pictures and I was faced with the difficult task of choosing my favorite for the competition. They were all so good that I thought I’d share them with you for your pleasure as well.

From Mara, more photos from Kenya.

inspire me africa atl 2

inspire me africa atl 3

The next three were sent in by Yasser.

the nile river

“The Nile River”

the fjord in sinai

“The Fjord in Sinai”

“The Oasis in Sinai”

I went for the most inspiring pictures with the best photographic qualities. The two which I had the hardest time picking for Mara and Yasser, respectively, were the photograph of the child and “The Nile River”. What do you think about the final cut, did I pick the most inspiring, or would you have selected some of these alternates instead for the contest?

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Can’t remember what they all look like? Here is a gallery of the complete Inspire Me Africa Photo Contest final (and alternate) entries.