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The Setting Sun of Santa Cruz

The houses lining the beach were packed with barbecuers, students, and permanent beach bums.

4 Things Frequent Travelers Need To Consider Before Getting A Dog

Over the last few months after adopting a puppy (the wrinkly guy on the right) I’ve got a better understanding of the added items travelers need to add to their ‘pre-dog checklist’.

How Do You Define A Successful Travel Blog?

It’s a difficult question to answer with many facets, I’m looking forward to your definitions and thoughts in the comments below.

Ask Photojournalist Romain Carre What It's Like To Report From Conflict Zones

3 Forgotten Places To Travel

There are three places in the world that are culturally diverse, cheap to visit, safe and generally politically stable – and hardly anyone ever goes to any of them.

Keep Your Travel Blog Going With A Weekly Posting Goal

You can keep your travel blog going with a weekly posting goal that you set for yourself so that your blog lives on, whether or not your in front of a computer everyday.

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