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I’ve accumulated a number of travel pictures in my online gallery, the best of which I post here on the blog. Often, I’ve simply taken too many pictures to post all at once or they’re not my favorites and they remain in the foXnoMad gallery.


I usually post the link to each individual gallery under any pictures that appear in a foXnoMad blog post, but if you’re curious you can always fish around the complete image gallery. Since it’s combined with my personal pictures, some are password protected but don’t fret! There are a number of open ones that even have some pictures of me in them. (Something I trying to do more of.) Also, all of these posts can be found under the Pictures and Video category.

I Started This Blog 10 Years Ago Today

I’ll be making a number of big changes to foXnoMad in the coming weeks, including the gallery. While things may look different, all of the foXnoMad Features shown over the past few weeks will be present in some form or another.