travel unravelI’ve get emails, chats, and comments asking me a variety of travel related questions. “Travel Unravel” is a series where I tried to answer these questions in a quick and concise manner with the help of readers in the comments.

BT writes: What’s the best way to build a successful travel blog?

While there are a number of opinions on what a successful travel blog exactly is, most agree that readership is a central goal. There is no single ‘best way’ to achieve this goal and create a successful travel blog. A very important way, in my opinion, to maintain and expand your travel blog readership is to allow yourself to show in your posts.

Readers may find your travel blog in a variety of ways, through a Google search or link on some other website, and most never come back. People continue to read a given travel blog to connect to the traveler writing the blog more than anything else.

The Best Place To Travel Right Now: Answering My Inbox Q&Av2

I’ve written how to make your travel blog successful (part 1 and part 2) and also how to make money with your travel blog, if you’re interested in that as well.

Thanks for the question BT, it was the inspiration behind a number of blog posts on the subject.