I often include links from fellow travel bloggers in my posts, but wanted to highlight several who sent me their best articles. These are some of the travel blogs are I read regularly,  and it’s a pleasure to showcase their great writing you’ll enjoy reading. Here’s Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3 in case you missed them.

eva dawalibi hitchhiking

Eva Dawalibi, who has hitchhiked 20,000 kilometers across Australia and is currently hitchhiking from Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia to Copenhagen dropped a few great links to her travels on my post about Thumbs Up Australia. They are great reads, especially for female travelers.

Some of her posts are originally in Eva’s native French but she’s also contributed her translating skills to these entries.

Travel Is More Than Just Movement

Eva’s blog is more of a series of diary entries on the publishing tool Get Jealous. It’s a bit difficult to navigate but Eva’s blog is full of pictures (like the one above) and posts from the road are fun, informative, and inspirational.