nomadic mattMatt Kepnes writes the very successful travel blog Nomadic Matt and recently released an eBook, How to Make Money with Your Travel Blog. (Which I reviewed 2 weeks ago.) He recently took some time to answer a few questions about the book, his websites, and future goals.

How long did it take you to gross $3,000 a month?

About 8 months from when I started thinking about monetization.

How were you making ends meet before?

I was teaching English in Bangkok.

What’s your typical travel blogging work day like?

Write a blog, find advertisers, tweet, comment on forums, build links to my sites (about 4-5 hrs).

Any specific advice for travel bloggers with day jobs?

Spend all your free time on your websites. Once they start rolling, they are pretty self sustaining but there is a lot of upfront work. Better to get it out of the way all at once.

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Do you think any travel blogger can take the advice in the book and replicate your success?

I do. All you need is motivation, patience, persistence. There are many travel bloggers out there who make money.

If you could offer one ‘most important’ piece of advice about making money with your travel blog, what would it be?

It takes time. Be patient and don’t give up.

In a ‘tweet’, why should someone buy your eBook?

“You get access to advertisers.”

What are your future goals with your websites?

I’d like them to make more money and, for, I’d like to double the traffic by the end of the year.

Thanks Matt for taking the time to answer these questions which I’m sure a number of other travel bloggers have. Matt’s eBook, How to Make Money with Your Travel Blog is $27 and available for purchase from his website.

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