reading a bookThe past few months have been blogging for me and one of the benefits has been meeting a number of new travel bloggers who specialize in a number of travel niches. If you love to read about travel, these blogs are worth checking out.

  • Istanbul Trails – Max Forlani’s blog (recently featured) is dedicated to helping people making the most of their stay in Istanbul.
  • Africa Freak – Although Michael Theys  is on vacation now, his blog about everything African safari is a fun and informative read.
  • My Melange – A travel blog specializing in Italian and French culture, food, and wine which also lead me to this video on how to use a squat toilet.
  • Have Pack – I see a lot of myself in Jeffery’s writing style. Have Pack, Will Travel aims to help independent travelers experience the world on their own terms.
  • Dan’s Adventure – He’s 27, Scottish, and left the UK in February 2009 to travel the world.
  • Dream a Little Dream – It’s always inspiring to read about couples who pack up the 9-to-5 life and travel the world. Scott and Dee just did so you can read about their adventures as they begin.
  • Travel Sights With Lilly – A new travel blog following Lilly’s general travel advice and adventures learning Turkish.
  • Two Go RTW – In August 2008 Daniel and Kathryn traded in their clotheslines for Tibetan prayer flags.
  • The Brooklyn Nomad – Andrew is obsessed with travel and constantly on the look out for a great deal to…well anywhere.
  • Ever The Nomad – Anja Mutić travels to make a living, writes to travel, and lives to take the next trip. Born in Zagreb, Croatia, she’s lived, worked and traveled on all the continents, except Antarctica.
  • Wild Junket – Join Nellie in her roller coaster ride around the world, as she explores every nook and cranny of the Earth… just for the fun of it!
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EDITED [6/30]: Max has a scoop for us and is announcing Istanbul Trails Photo here first. Go check out his great pictures from Istanbul!

I hope that you’ll take a look at some of these travel blogs that might interest you. I inevitably left out some great travel blogs. For some more links check out some of the travel blogs I read regularly, some travel blogs I discovered recently, or my full list of links. If you have a travel blog and aren’t on any of those lists, contact me and drop your link below in the comments to introduce yourself.

[photo by: Keenahn]