whispering in earJuly was one of the best months for comments both in terms of quantity and quality. These are just some of the best comments of the month. Feel free to jump in and keep the conversations going.

  • How to Drink Raki Like a Turk: “You forgot to mention that you’ll be eating and drinking until 6:00 am, but won’t even feel tired because it’s so fun there!” – Mary R
  • An Amateur’s Guide to Location Independence Part 1: “I find that Paint and Artweaver (I haven’t used GIMP) don’t have the flexibility and usability of Photoshop. I don’t have full Photoshop because I didn’t want to shell out $600 and I don’t really need all of the Photoshop tools. Instead, we use Photoshop Elements which I think is a really good deal at $140.” – Akila
  • An Amateur’s Guide to Location Independence Part 3: “TrueCrypt is a good shout. I use it for a hidden encrypted volume on my hard disk for scans of my passport, driving license, credit card etc in case I lose them and also on a USB drive which I use for backups.” – Dan
  • 5 Free and Useful iPhone Apps for Travelers: “I also recommend an app called Duo which will let you update your Twitter and Facebook Status at the same time. We have people following us in different ways and they can all be in touch and up to date.” – Scott
  • UFO Sightseeing Hotspots: “I’m no UFO fanatic, but I would like to visit Roswell. Seeing it would give me a story or two to tell. I’m sure after a few pints I could embellish the tale with gusto.” – Stevo
  • Are You Concerned About the Environmental Impact of Travel?: “I think it’s important to travel with knowledge of our ecological impact in mind. This way, we can minimize our impact, and yet understand that there IS a negative impact to what we do. What we need to do is make that negative impact count, and not wantonly spend it away as if it didn’t matter.” – The Backpack Foodie
  • Making Imaginary Posts for Your Travel Blog Work: “I do a post like that quite frequently. I call it ‘Dreaming of’. It likes a trip planning like you said. It gives me something to look forward too. And sometimes when I see a great post about a destination, I can’t help but start researching about the location.” – Amy @ The Q Family
Journalist Richard McColl Talks About Colombia's Forgotten City, Mompos

Some Other Great Conversations

As you can see it’s been a busy month with so many more comments I could have listed here. Thanks to all of you who comment, I appreciate every one!

[photo by: Dr John2005]