Every Monday beginning today and throughout the month of March you’ll help take this group of 56 cities and narrow it down to the single best city to visit. The winner of the winning city will win $50 (or $100 if they’ve signed up to my RSS feed or email updates). Today we’re starting with the preliminary round, so choose your favorite 5 cities. The 32 cities with the most votes by noon US EST this Friday February 26, 2010 will advance to the round robin stage. (Seeded based on the number of votes as well.)

unisphere panorama

  • Those of you reading through RSS or my daily email will need to click through to the site to vote.

best city 2010 prelim 1

best city 2010 prelim 2

best city 2010 prelim 3

The winner will be determined on Friday, April 2nd 2010. Missed this contest? I run a number of large and small contests throughout the year. Take a look at some previous competitions and prizes and find out about my next contest first by signing up to my bi-monthly newsletter.

[photo by: urlba]

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