After a very strong showing last week in the Best City To Visit Travel Tournament Sweet 16, the remaining Elite 8 are all European cities. (Istanbul is technically in Europe and Asia, but close enough.) New York put up a good fight against London and Paris continues to dominate but this week things get interesting. Vote for your favorite cities – Istanbul vs. Barcelona, Amsterdam vs. Venice, and two other match ups that will be decided this week. Voting ends this Friday March 19th at 12 noon US EST.

number 8 on paper

best city 2010 elite 8

You can take a look at the entire bracket so far below (or see the larger version).

Targu Jiu, The Best City To Visit In 2015, Is Making Its Own Tourism Trail In Romania

best city to visit travel tournament 2010 elite 8

The winner will be determined on Friday, April 2nd 2010. Missed this contest? I run a number of large and small contests throughout the year. Take a look at some previous competitions and prizes and find out about my next contest first by signing up to my bi-monthly newsletter.

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[photo by: Kyle Slattery (top picture)]