After a very strong showing last week in the Best City To Visit Travel Tournament Sweet 16, the remaining Elite 8 are all European cities. (Istanbul is technically in Europe and Asia, but close enough.) New York put up a good fight against London and Paris continues to dominate but this week things get interesting. Vote for your favorite cities – Istanbul vs. Barcelona, Amsterdam vs. Venice, and two other match ups that will be decided this week. Voting ends this Friday March 19th at 12 noon US EST.

number 8 on paper

best city 2010 elite 8

You can take a look at the entire bracket so far below (or see the larger version).

The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2016: Sweet 16

best city to visit travel tournament 2010 elite 8

The winner will be determined on Friday, April 2nd 2010. Missed this contest? I run a number of large and small contests throughout the year. Take a look at some previous competitions and prizes and find out about my next contest first by signing up to my bi-monthly newsletter.

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[photo by: Kyle Slattery (top picture)]