reichstag building berlin germany

The Reichstag building which has the words “Dem Deutschen Volke” (“To [or “For”] The German People”) engraved across the front has been an important part of German history for the past 100 years. Construction was completed in 1894 to house the German parliament and was famously (and arguably) set on fire in 1933 by Marinus van der Lubbe. The latest controversy about the Reichstag building was during the 1990s when a large glass dome (you can see in the picture) was erected atop the building. The dome gives visitors a 360 degree view of Berlin.

The Reichstag is a short walk away from Berlin’s Central Train Station (Hauptbahnhof) which catches the color from sunsets rather nicely, much like the Brandenburg Gate. Entry to the Reichstag, which is open until midnight, is free. You can see some of my other pictures from Berlin at sunset here.

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