pug on computerAs you often do, many of you have graced foXnoMad with your informative, entertaining, and simply awesome comments this past month.

To show a bit of thanks and to encourage those of you who might be a bit shy, I’ll be giving a $15 Amazon gift card to one commenter this month. To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment on any post published during the month of June, 2010. You’ll get one chance to win per every post you leave a (unique) comment on; I’ll pick the winner at random and announce them at the beginning of July.

I hope to do some more of this in the coming months – any ideas for prizes? Why not let me know with a comment (and give yourself 1 entry for the gift card) after reading some of the best from May.

  • In addition to his excellent guest post on Kyoto, Japan, Todd was also kind enough to extend his help if you’re ever planning a trip there.
  • So many of you have great summer travel plans this year, especially road trips across the US. Rod@GoPerFriendly will be driving around mid and northwest states in the coming months.
  • Sometimes the most memorable moments when traveling occur when we slow down or simply lay low and relax. I’m sure many of you can relate to some of Bethany‘s experiences.
The Best City To Visit 2017 Championship: Vote For Granada Or Campina

Many thanks to everyone who left a comment this month – I hope you’ll keep them coming! Remember each post you leave a comment on is a single entry for a $15 Amazon gift card. Also, I know many of you travel frequently and a Amazon card might not be too useful so if that’s the case I’ll send you the $15. You can buy yourself a beer, Coke, or perhaps a night at a hostel.

[photo by: larryvincent]