elephants talkingThere were 133 eligible comments on posts written in June from nearly 60 different people. Thank you to everyone who left a comment this past month, and a special thanks to Kim, who was randomly selected to win a $15 Amazon Gift Card. Last month I promised the card to one commenter as a small way of showing my appreciation.

I hope to do more of these little comment contests throughout the year so if you have any small prize ideas, I’d love to hear them. Now on to some of the best comments from the past month.

  • There are lots of good netbook and laptop recommendations in the comments section of my post about choosing the right laptop, like the Acer 311 Ayngelina is using.
  • Keep your backpack’s weight in check with the 35% rule Leigh adds to my 80% rule.
An Interview With The Geneticist Who Overcomes Flight Phobia To Study The World's Fastest People

I appreciate all of the comments from the past month. It was interesting to see the wide variety of people who left comments in the past month, even though it was getting tough to keep track! I hope you’ll keep them coming, the conversations between all of us have been great.

[photos by: gin_able (elephants talking)]