kiel city hall germany

Kiel is a charming German city on the coast of the Baltic Sea. I was surprised to find Kiel so lively when I was there a few weeks ago to catch a ferry to Gothenburg, Sweden. Kiel is almost synonymous with maritime and the sea plays an important part of the local economy and entertainment. Countless freighters, ferries, and German Navy ships come and go from Kiel each day and the city also hosts the world’s largest annual sailing event (Kiel Week).

Kiel is one of those cities that has been a frequently missed opportunity for me, having been so close to it when I was in Germany over the winter. Perhaps it’s the dull name or its reputation as a shipping center that didn’t make it enticing enough but now it’s a city I hope to visit in depth one day. Also, much like Istanbul’s Hippodrome, Kiel has many parks and sections of the city blanketed with free wi-fi which is immediately endearing for many travelers.

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You can skip through my pictures of Kiel, including the Kiel Opera House, and entice yourself to visit this German city roughly 90 kilometers (~50 miles) north of Hamburg.