gustav II adolf statue gothenburg sweden

I waited quite some time for this fellow sitting under the Gustav II Adolf Statue to move so I could get a clear shot, but after about 45 minutes he seemed as comfortable as ever. Looking at it now it though, he seems to fit beneath the bronze figure of the Swedish king who ushered in Sweden’s Golden Age during the early 1600s. The statue of Gustav II Adolf (also known as Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden) sits in the aptly named Gustav Adolf’s Torg (“Square”), since he founded the city of Gothenburg. (He’s actually supposed to be pointing to the exact spot he wanted the city built.)

Gustav Adolf turned Sweden into a world power in a very short and difficult time, especially considering since he started his reigned while the kingdom was mired in 3 wars. One of his first accomplishments was to make peace with Denmark, putting an end to the Kalmar War. You can visit the site of where the Treaty of Knared was signed (on January 20th, 1613) in that town of the same name 175 kilometers south of Gothenburg.

Located in Gustav Adolf’s Torg is Gothenburg’s City Hall, but the main attraction in the city seems to be shopping. Many people from nearby countries like Germany drive, or take day ferries in to take advantage of the cheaper Swedish prices. Beware however, if you’re carrying any currency other that Euros, Pounds, or Scandinavian krone varieties; the deals can hardly be considered bargains in the rather expensive city.

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