girne harbor north cyprus

The coastal town of Girne (Greek: Kyrenia) in the Turkish Republic on Northern Cyprus (TRNC) slows down from it’s usual bustling pace during the extremely hot afternoon hours of the Cypriot summer. The harbor is a 5 minute (~7 TL) cab ride from the main harbor where ferries from Turkey shuttle people back and forth from twice a day. Sure, it’s only a 20 minute walk but with temperatures well in the upper 30s Celsius (+100F) in the summer and bags in tow, it’s an attractive option.

The cost of eating around the harbor is very expensive and you’ll find more authentic food for a fourth of the price two blocks up toward the main circle. For a real deal there are several places serving “menemen” (Turkish omelets) with ayran (yogurt drink) and bread for 2 TL. There is one good budget-friendly option right near the harbor though and that’s the inexpensive Cyprus Dorms hostel. It’s a bit spartan with quirky staff but in a great location – just don’t count on the free wi-fi though. Fortunately there’s a reliable and free connection at Kemer Cafe right up the street where I met this guy. They also serve up a large Turkish breakfast for less than 10 TL.

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You can see more of my pictures from Girne in North Cyprus, which I’ll be writing more about in the coming weeks.