fethiye lycian rock tombs

Fethiye’s famous Lycian rock tombs were once filled with gold and riches fit for dead royalty – until they were looted sometime after their construction during the 4th century B.C. Now the site of the tombs, high on a mountain side overlooking the beach town of Fethiye, Turkey, sits perched atop a climb of several hundred steps waiting for visitors.

fethiye rock tombs

The view from below is much more impressive than tombs’ interior, which are about the width of an elevator. For 3 TL (~$2) you’ll pay for a good calf workout and this great view of Fethiye from above.

fethiye castle

From there you can take (your legs) to new heights for an even better view from the ruins of Fethiye Castle. Those of you not afraid of a steep climb should head up to this prominent flag pole for the best possible view of Fethiye (and Calis beach in the distance) from the immediate area.

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view of fethiye turkey

And yes, those are the same Lycian rock tombs, one of Fethiye’s most popular attractions, which I’m standing in front of on the foXnoMad Facebook fan page. I’ll have plenty to share from this coastal Turkish city which I’m basing myself out through the spring but for now you can see more of my pictures in my Fethiye gallery here.