One of my homes along the way of traveling for more than 5 years, when I lived in Fethiye, Turkey I hardly took pictures of it. Before I knew it, my time there was up. More than pictures, I left with proof that most of us hardly travel to local sites near where we live. (When was the last time you were a tourist in your own town?) When I returned for a visit recently I turned my lens to what is one of the most photogenic places in the world.

fethiye calis canal photo

Looking for lunch or perhaps some peace, fishing away on a warm afternoon.

man fishing fethiye turkey

Simple as it sounds and common along Turkish coasts, balik ekmek – fish bread sandwich – at Anacigim Fish Sandwich Boat.

anacigim fish sandwich boat

Although it’s the slightly longer trip, the Calis Water Taxi forces you to slow down a little and appreciate the beauty of the bay.

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calis water taxi

An Efes at Guven’s Bar and Restaurant, where you can find this scene of heaven.

guven's bar restaurant fethiye calis

Across the way and above the bay, reflections at the end of a warm Fethiye day.

sundial pool fethiye turkey

Zooming out a bit to catch a glimpse of Fethiye from Sundial.

sundial hotel fethiye turkey

Does “I want one” count as a caption?

sailboat fethiye turkey

Quickly though, Fethiye begins to feel like home again, life slows, and I put the camera down.

sundial fethiye turkish tea cup

There are a lot more pictures of Fethiye you can see here but the town isn’t just a pretty face. Start with 8 days in Fethiye, hike up the Lycian Rock Tombs, then head to the ultimate online resource for all things Fethiye, Turkey’s For Life. Whether you’re in town for a visit or staying a while, you too might realize that putting down the camera, smartphone, or tablet from time to time isn’t such a bad thing after all, especially in a place like this.

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