tagine restaurant souq waqif doha qatar

Tajine is a very popular restaurant in the modern Souk Waqif – one of the beating hearts of Doha, Qatar. It seems like all roads lead to the souk (luckily for me since I got lost quite a few times) and has an obvious Arab market flair. That is, despite most of the buildings set up like a decorated strip mall. Souk Waqif has a variety of shops selling clothes and jewelry but what you really want to do here is eat.

The spread of select international cuisine is impressive. Aside from Qatari food, there are restaurants from places like Iraq, Yemen, and Nepal – many of which are open 24 hours. You’ll find many people simply lounging into the late night hours, drinking coffee and puffing on shisha, with the occasional sounds of Qatari folk music in the background.

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