It’s hard for me to pick the best comments of the month in general because so many of you leave wonderfully engaging, informative, and entertaining thoughts below each of my posts. Limiting myself to only 5 from February was even more difficult – so many more could have made it this month. As I promised last time, these folks will receive a small $10 gift card for their comments.

pug in turkey

  • Wondering what will happen to your Continental OnePass frequent flyer miles now that they’ve merged with United – Stephen does some digging for the answer.
Is Travel Blogging Dead?

I’ll be sending out your gift cards sometime over the weekend directly to your email in-boxes. Thank you to everyone who left a comment this past month – next Friday I’ll give all of you several more opportunities to win one of five $100 gift cards at the Apple store. A good present to help you chip off a bit on the cost of a Macbook, or new iPad 2 perhaps 😉