bahrain formula 1

When there are no races going on at Bahrain’s International Circuit, the sparse crews are renovating and preparing for the next one. New paint, carpet, and asphalt was being laid down in preparation for a few upcoming races that aren’t to be – at least in Bahrain. Since I wandered around the lifeless track in February, the decision was made to cancel the Bahrain F1 race in light of the recent protests.

Unfortunately this vantage point is about as far as you’re allowed to go. It seems a shame that there isn’t some kind of tour that would drive you around the track to get some different views. What tours are available are usually by reservation only and fairly expensive.

Bahrain’s International Circuit (specifically each major race) is a very important part of the tourism industry here, made even more evident by the fact that almost every road sign throughout the small island points you there. I should have figured however that without a race going on, it would be a disappointing experience. There’s hardly anything to do but walk around and take pictures from limited angles – yet when every sign in the country is pointing you in that direction, you can’t help but but imagine a wonderland where guests are given race cars to break the track in.

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