When I first was coming up with the idea of The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers, early on I knew I wanted it to be an ebook that gives back. Both with updates, my promise of 6 months free tech support, and the occasional gift for you readers. To keep the The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers a unique and alive ebook, this month, 5 random people who purchase it will receive a $100 gift card to the Apple.com online store.

ultimate tech guide for travelers

How To Get Your $100 Apple Gift Card

All you have to do is pick up a copy from this link, the buttons directly below, or from any of my affiliates. So, along with 6 months of free tech personal tech support, information on extending your wireless range, plus more – you may end up with $100 to spend toward a new iPad 2. I’ll take all of the sales at the end of March, then run them through a program that will randomly select 5 people.

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Keep in mind that if you purchase directly from the Kindle store or Barnes & Noble, you won’t qualify. You need to go here so I can make sure I don’t lose track of your purchase.

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plane taking offI’ll Be In Bulgaria Next Week

It’s been a turbulent past few weeks for me, putting my travel plans in a bit of flux lately. My only firm plan is that I’ll be in Sofia, Bulgaria next week to talk blogging at the Trends & Innovation Travel Summit. Also, hopefully I’ll get to meet Story Musgrave, a US astronaut who has spent over 1,200 hours in space. After the conference I’ve set aside some time to see more of Bulgaria, which will be my first trip there. Following that, anything is possible but I plan on sticking around the Middle East through sometime in May.

foXnoMad, Now In Jumbo And Mini-Versions

Many of you have probably noticed the slight design changes I’ve been making over the last 2 weeks or so, including larger photos within my posts and wide-screen pictures for single images. On the opposite end of the size-spectrum, there is now a mobile version of foXnoMad; making browsing from smart phones quicker and easier on your thumbs. In the near future I have further plans widen the scope of my writing and get a bit more personal throughout as well.

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$100 Gift Card Or Save $100 Over The Next Year; Plus Your Personal Computer Consultant (aka. Me)

This won’t be my last surprise with The Ultimate Tech Guide For Travelers, so new and existing owners will have more chances to get back from the ebook that gives you ways to call landlines for free. Nowhere else can you also get the personal tech support of a professional hacker with my expertise – for 6 months – at a one time cost of $37.

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Knowing your data is safely backed up when your laptop decides to bungy jump off a coffee table in Paris is well worth it.

Happy hacking…and travels,

[photos by: yuankuei (plane taking off)]