There were a blend of close finishes and strong victories in the second round of The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament 2011 that have left quite a few underdogs in the Sweet 16. This week we get our second battle of Italy in Bellagio vs. Florence, watch little Lubeck take on Istanbul, and wonder if Prague will maintain its dominance in this round.

best city to visit 2011 sweet 16 banner

There are now only 16 cities left and we’re two weeks from the Final Four. Decide who advances and which cities will be out by voting below before next Monday, March 21 at 09:00am US EST. There is $200 on the line – who will win it? (Email and RSS subscribers will need to click through to this page to vote.)

best city 2011 sweet 16

You can view the entire tournament bracket in full size or click the image to view in wide-screen.

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best city to visit 2011 sweet 16

A few of you have asked so just for the record, the cities with the higher seeds from the preliminary round are always listed first (e.g. Cuzco vs. Chiang Mai). Leave your votes and next week this competitive group of cities will be narrowed down to only 8.

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