Hi everyone and welcome to my first ever live blog. Officially things will get started at 11:45am Las Vegas time (PDT) and I’ll be blogging live until around 1:45pm. During that time I’ll be placing roulette bets for 8 of you who entered my giveaway and posting the results here (which should appear without you having to refresh the page). And in between, since I’m at the Las Vegas at a Star Trek Convention, I’ve decided to do some live blogging to give you a taste of what the universe of geek travel has to offer.


That’s all for now. I hope you’ve been able to catch some of the bets as they were coming in live. I’ve got something special and new coming to foXnoMad next week I think you’ll enjoy. Have a great weekend and talk soon!


One of the actors taking questions, telling stories, and talking with fans from this morning. It’s Garrent Wang (Harry Kim) from Star Trek Voyager. Saw him wondering around the blackjack tables last night.

garrent wang 2012 star trek convention


Alright, now that the betting is over, I’m going to run around here to see if I can get some photos for you in the next 15 minutes


So on the final bet, no luck for #7. Comes up 13. If we could only rearrange these numbers and bets we would have had 3 winners. But 1 out of 7 isn’t bad :)


Here we go, money’s on 7 for Sara


I wonder if I should let a few rolls pass to help Sara’s odds, although that’s not logical. There’s got to be a Vulcan around here to check with.


I’ve got one more person to bet for. Sara your #7 came up once before but let’s see if the odds work miracles on you with a second showing

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I’m sorry CaliBackpacker, you lost. 31 was your number. But I won by getting another drink.


A Klingon just walked behind me but missed him for a picture this time. I’m dying to catch some pictures of aliens gambling


Click. Click. The sound of two chips being dropped on CaliBackpackers’ pick of #8


Drink lady over there, I see you! Hey, it helped Cody. Maybe it does wonders for “CaliBackpacker”


vendor room trek convention


All of this live blogging may or may not be screwing up my site. I won’t know until much later as I’m headed to the vendors room to look at fun things to buy and take photos for next week.


It’s so much easier playing with money without the stress of losing.


I’ll be in touch with you Cody later this weekend. Ok, now we’re on to the next two. I’ve got to get up from the table for a moment to check my notes here without looking too weird. I bet the casino cameras are on wondering what I’m up to


That I’m wondering if you’ve gotten because…BOOM! We’ve got a winner! Cody ‘s number 24 comes up! Now, that is a happy Friday :) Congratulations.


A reminder that you shouldn’t need to refresh this page to see my updates


I’ve got my on 33 for Alina, 13  for Agnes and 24 for Cody


I’m going to mix things up and play the next 3 numbers for luck.


And the pretty lady with free drinks brings me one. Guess it’s not too early!

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The few people who were at the table are now gone. Just me now


Craig, fate gives you a 5


It’s not too early for a drink is it?


The ball lands on 28 :( I’m getting ready for the next spin. A 12 for Craig


As the wheel slows down I’m realizing how hard it is to live blog and gamble at the same time


Getting ready to play a 24 for “A Couple Travelers”…


That went well, but just noticed times are off, I’ll fix that so they’re Las Vegas time PDT.


All right, I’m about to run down to the convention to set up but first want to give this a test. See you soon!


A red 7. Too bad that wasn’t Sara who’s playing 7 last today.


Here we go, 15 for Jodi…and the wheel spins…


This table looks promising. Words I’m sure spoken by many all day every day in the Rio Casino

roulette table


Ran into a Borg and Jem’hadar along the way to the tables


Star Trek Convention 2012


Looking for a good table now, one that feels lucky.


I’m at the computer and now ready to turn my cash into chips. First up will be Jodi, playing #15


I’m at the computer and now ready to turn my cash into chips. First up will be Jodi, playing #15


Ok, last test until later…