A special thanks to the assimilated Eric Hall. Humans reading via email, you’ll need to click this link to view the video above.

Welcome To The First-Ever Geek Takeover Week On foXnoMad

You may be asking yourself what the frack geek week is on foXnoMad, why it’s been taken over and what does this hostage situation mean for this blog? I wanted to break up the long hot days of August with the nerdiest, loosely travel-related blog posts to inject into your geeky side this summer. Geek Takeover Week is a special one – with two extra posts this week for your pleasure. There will be a new dorky post every day this week with so much dork, there won’t be any new posts next week so you can recover.

I’m hoping to make Geek Takeover Week an annual event but I’ll let your nerdy sides be the judge of that. But, as the Borg said, resistance is futile.

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