anil polat las vegasThis post is a part of Geek Takeover Week 2012.

You know I had so much fun last year that I couldn’t miss the 2012 Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas last week. It’s one of the few events I planned in advance this year to attend, with about 20,000 other people at the Rio All Suites Hotel and Casino. Many of those people do show up in costume of course and without them the atmosphere simply wouldn’t be complete or nearly the same. These are just a few of the estimated 1,000 Trekkies that dressed up as one character or another over the 4 days of the convention.

You’ll also notice below the Borg, Eric Hall, who was kind enough to take some time off from assimilating to introduce Geek Takeover Week on Monday.

Kirk Defeats A Gorn…Again

But this time without the use of any exploding rocks.

kirk fighting gorn star trek las vegas 2012

Female Klingon Warrior

I actually have a photo of her from last year, but finally got to ask about that bat’leth. An old shop class project, ka’plah!

klingon star trek las vegas 2012

Borg Extended Family

Plovdiv's Roman Theater Sees Time And Use In Bulgaria Today

They’ve even assimilated the teddy bear. Now that’s precision.

borg las vegas star trek convention

A Vulcan

The greeting is “live long and prosper,” the reply, “peace and long life.”

vulcan star trek las vegas convention 2012

Andorians With Friend

Space is full of diversity.

andorians las vegas star trek convention 2012

Captain Of Cute

Every time the ship goes to warp she gets a treat.

dog starfleet outfit

It’s Not Easy To Get A Klingon To Smile

I think it was asking too nicely if I could snap this picture. I should have demanded it or threatened a fight to the death.

star trek las vegas convention photos

Assimilated Hirogen

All this guy did was come to a Star Trek Convention dressed up as an alien and he winds up getting assimilated by a Borg. Tough luck.

star trek las vegas convention pictures

Shinzon Is Not Pleased With My Photography

I has to watch my back for a while after taking this picture, you never know with evil Romulan clones.

shinzon star trek las vegas 2012

Happy Romulans

It must be that beer Romulan ale she’s hiding.

romulans star trek las vegas convention

Let Me Guess What They’re Saying

Hear no, see no…

Comparing Slim Wallets: Ekster vs. Trove vs. Ridge

star trek las vegas convention photos


I like. Their. Costumes.

binars star trek las vegas 2012 convention


What do you think her expression says?

reptilian star trek las vegas convention

46 Years Gone, The Phenomenon Grows On

Many people have various ideas about what a Star Trek convention is and what the people who attend it are like. The conventions themselves become living entities, turning into gigantic parties late into the night where everyone has at least one single passion in common. From an anthropological perspective, conventions are one of the best examples of modern communitas you’ll find anywhere on Earth. Trekkies don’t need the shows to survive, the ideology of Gene Roddenberry’s future is what fosters the creativity, culture, and customs behind those who attend conventions – in costume or otherwise.

You can see more of my pictures from the 2012 Star Trek Convention in Las Vegas here.