sleepy pug

When I mentioned back in June I was bringing you the hot and sweaty best comments of that first summer month, I didn’t think they’d cook my brain into forgetting about July. (Hey, southern hemisphere, how’s winter going?) These comments should be taken with a block of ice to ensure your body temperature stays just below boiling while still giving you a talking travel tan.

  • There are many ways to supplement your income to travel more but I never thought online poker was one of them. Either that or Jason was spamming me and I’m too stupid to tell.
  • Micki will prove to you that you’re never really too old to travel…because of her comment obviously, not because I’m suggesting anything about her age.
  • A Binar named Juli found me! And the photo I took of her. And her!
  • Baku virtually changed every 3 days I was there, I can’t imagine what the city looked like in 2004 as Stephen saw it. Maybe if you pester him with “photos!” reply comments he’ll post some. Or “pizza!” just to see if it works. (From there, obviously we try “send beer”.)
A Ramp Agent Explains What You Should (And Shouldn't) Pack In Your Checked Luggage

Thank you everyone for all of the discussion you bring to each post and I look forward to hearing your thoughts, tips, and chatting with you each time. I’ll have the best comments of August for you on September 6th, when my live chats return with my largest group of guests ever.