moldova busLate summer has somehow ended up being a busy time of year for me in terms of the blogging side of travel-blogging. While many of you are recharging on holiday (according to all of your Facebook pages) August is when I tend to get down to my to-do list that gathers digital dust when I’m otherwise on the road.

I’d like to introduce you to a couple of new features, where I’m headed for much of the remaining 2012, and hint at a project or two that will include travel from me to you.

New Live Chat Page

I don’t know if you were able to catch my live blog from Las Vegas two weeks ago (where I won $350 for a reader) but it’s a new feature I plan on using from time to time, from different events around the world. Though I’ll have to figure out how to do it from a roulette table next time without arousing the suspicion of an entire casino security staff. I’m interested to hear where and what you’d be interested in reading a live blog about around the world? Who knows, I may just pop up there.

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As I mentioned back in May, my live chats (not to be confused with blogs) went into summer hiatus. They’ll be back on Thursday, September 6th with a special “After The RTW” panel. I’ll be catching up with a few people whose extended trips ended more than a year ago.

live chatsIn the meantime however, you can browse through all of my previous conversations on the new Live Chat page. Those conversations are some of the best ways to find detailed travel information from invited experts about a given topic. (Oh yeah, and I’m there too.)

You can also see what’s coming up each month on that page and drop in on any live chat to ask us anything or simply kill some time during a long day at the office. I know, it happens to all of us.

I also welcome any of your suggestions for a live chat topic.

Lots Of Asia For The Remainder Of 2012 And The Best City To Visit

Although I’m still working on the specific dates, I’ll be spending most of the next few months in east Asia through several countries, most of which will be new ones for me. During that stint, which you can follow on my Upcoming Stops page, I’ll also be visiting my 6th continent and taking a detour to The Best City to Visit in 2012. Sarajevo, I’ll be seeing you in the second half of October, as I always visit the place you vote the best annually.

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Finally, I’ve got something which may provide enough fuel for your wanderlust, that if ignited, might launch and land you in my favorite city. Perhaps you can get me to spill more information about it during my next live chat. There’s often wine involved, so you never know.

Take care, and wishing you travels on the land, sea, or in the air.