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In two days of voting, after 14,211 total votes, Sarajevo defeated a determined Guimaraes to become The Best City to Visit in 2012. The 5th seed Sarajevo made it past a string of Mediterranean opponents knocking off Vernazza, Seville, Rome, Izmir, Fethiye, before eventually Guimaraes. Though the Portuguese supporters were passionate (as the comments show) and dedicated to getting the European Capital of Culture to the Finals, Portugal was not to repeat Porto’s victory this year. The Bosnia-Herzegovina media blitz – Internet, TV, and radio was simply too big an obstacle to overcome.

best city to visit 2012 final bracket

Both cities and their supporters should be proud to accomplish what more than 100 others cities around the world could not. So, we say goodbye to Porto and hello to Sarajevo, The Best City To Visit until next March’s tournament.

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Sarajevo Is Now In My 2012 Travel Plans

As I promised at the beginning of the tournament, I’ll be heading to The Best City to Visit 2012 – Sarajevo – before this year is over. It will take me a few weeks to get my general travel plans sorted but right now I’m guessing I’ll be in Bosnia-Herzegovina sometime this fall. I’m sure many of you have suggestions for me (feel free to leave some in the comments below!) and I’ll be planning one of my meet-ups in Sarajevo. I hope to see many of you in person when I arrive!

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You can also find out where I am right now, where I’m headed, and the countries I’ve written about.

Thank You Everyone Who Participated In This Year’s Tournament

Massive thanks to all of you who entered a city this year, voted in the tournament, shared it around the Internet, and made 2012’s contest one hell of a competition to watch. I hope your wanderlust was fueled and that The Best City to Visit 2012 Travel Tournament highlighted a few cities you hadn’t considered (or heard of) before as travel destinations.

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My Book Writing Is Almost Complete So I’m Hitting The Road

The next 48 hours will be an intense one for me as I complete the working draft of my next ebook but with the end in sight, I’m getting ready to hit the road. In April I’ll be traveling around Moldova, Georgia, Azerbaijan, and considering a swing by Kuwait too before the month is up. (All new countries for me.) Maybe we cross paths along the way there or somewhere else this year.

  • In case you’re already having best city tournament withdrawal, I’ve got post about some of the drama that surrounds it each year coming up in a few weeks. Much of it may surprise you.
The Best City To Visit Travel Tournament Is Down To An Elite 8

So for now, another big congratulations to Sarajevo on being voted The Best City to Visit in 2012; and to all of the cities nominated in this year’s tournament for a wonderful effort.