anil on camelExactly a month ago I posted one of my older articles, What Is An RTW?, on foXnoMad’s Facebook page. Within that thread, Nima suggested doing a post on what the travelers mentioned in the original article were up to, now two years after their around the world trips. It was a good idea but thought a single post wouldn’t be able to cover much, so I got in touch with those travelers. Eventually coordinating with Gillian and Jason, Saben, and Manali and Terry.

Jump down to the live chat happening for the next 90 minutes!

The chat is only open from 8:30pm-10pm US EST; (12:30am-2am GMT; 9:30am-11am Tokyo)

I’ll have the best comments of a hot August to kick things off before opening up the discussion with my guests. As always, I encourage you to jump in with us:

  • manali and terryManali and Terry – “We left Atlanta in August 2009 to see where our one year world adventure [will] take us!”
  • one giant step gillianOne Giant Step (Gillian and Jason) – “In June 2009 Jason and I set out on an 11 month RTW trip. We visited fourteen countries and came home realizing that our dream of one day living overseas was entirely possible. We are now in full planning for OneGiantStep 2.0 that will soon see us living our next dream. You can follow us on Facebook and Twitter.”
  • sabenSaben and Lin (Saben in chat) – “Now lives in Washington, DC. Was able to find a great job but if he told you where he would have to kill you. Enjoys the life and action in DC but does not enjoy the burning smell coming from his debit card.”
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I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with many of these bloggers years ago when blogging felt so new at the time. I look forward to reconnecting with them and you too of course! If you’ve ever thought of taking an RTW, career break or gap year and worried leaving your job, what happens when you get back, or anything else that comes with it, this is a great time to ask away in the comments below.