airport departuresWell over 25,000 of you voted Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina as 2012’s Best City to Visit in my annual tournament held each March. And now, as promised, I’m heading to see Sarajevo to see it myself, visiting the capital city for the first time. While I won’t know the exact dates of my visit for a few more days, that gives me just enough time to get your personal recommendations. Many of you enthusiastically voted for and wrote me passionately about Sarajevo – so I want to hear what you think I shouldn’t miss while I’m there?

What should I see, do, and importantly – where and what should I eat and drink in Sarajevo?

You may or may not have an idea how I travel but the essence of the question for those of you who have been and live there is what do you love about Sarajevo? I look forward to reading and appreciate your responses in the comments below. Also, in a few days I’ll post my arrival details and hope to do a meet up or two when I’m in town so we can share a cup of…well, you tell me!

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