A special thanks to the assimilated Eric Hall for introducing my second annual Geek Takeover Week. Humans, Klingons, and other aliens reading via email, you’ll need to click this link to view the video above.

They’re Back..!

foXnoMad’s shields have fallen and this site has been invaded by orcs, dorks, and zombies of all sorts. I’m not sure what I can do… communications are being cut off… travel has been assimilated into the second annual Geek Takeover Week on foXnoMad! Use the force, gather your friends from Hogwarts and set your phasers to 5 days of the nerdiest topics this travel blog has to offer while I do my best to gain control of this blog again…

Geek Takeover Week 2013

Happy New Year, I'm Giving Away $1000!

Enjoy this special week with a new post everyday, including several guest authors I specifically tractor beamed in because their hearts pump geek cells. There won’t be any new posts next week as it will probably take me that long to get the Borg nanites out of my server. Until then, you’re not completely safe, the geeks are coming for you too – and this week if you read carefully, that could win you $100 – spendable anywhere on planet Earth.

geek takeover week foxnomad 2013 banner

Live long, prosper, and join the dark side if you dare…