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A few months ago Travis Sherry asked me to be a guest on his relatively new podcast called Extra Pack Of Peanuts. It didn’t take me more than a moment of listening to a previous episode to agree since Travis, who you might remember from my live chat on earning free flights with frequent flyer miles, has such an organic podcast style. We geek out on our favorite travel gadgets as well as go in-depth about my annual The Best City to Visit Travel Tournament (which Travis is a huge fan of) in the 42 minute podcast, recorded back in August, below.

A Few Links Mentioned In The Podcast

The Best Way To Unclog Your Ears After A Flight

You can also download this episode titled “How to Use Technology While Traveling With Anil Polat” directly for listening offline. Lastly, if you like what you hear, I recommend subscribing to the Extra Pack Of Peanuts podcast on iTunes for more travel related interviews and shows.