make it rainI’m not able to cover all of the topics on my mind or questions in my inbox here on foXnoMad but some recent stationary time in Sibiu, Romania gave me the opportunity to tackle both on various publications online. Here’s a roundup of a those articles which show you how to fly with your pets, eliminate international bank fees, plus more.

  • Can Bitcoin Be Useful For International Travelers? (Tech Guide For Travel) – Cryptocurrency is something I’ve been wanting to write about for a while and this question from a reader helped me focus on a way to approach this topic that’s been in the news a lot lately.
  • 7 Insider Tips To Make Travel Easier Than Ever (Ziptopia) – Zipcar’s got a new travel blog and I share some of my frequent flyer advice in the third slide. With a picture of a nice looking fellow who doesn’t happen to be me.
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Additionally, my experienced boozing advice on how to drink raki like a Turk recently appeared in Buzzfeed’s 21 Tantalizing Turkish Foods You’ll Want Immediately and if you’re scared of flying, allow me to narrow down your plane crash fears into 11 specific minutes on Mental Floss.

Soon I’ll be busy on the road again where my upcoming stops are sure to bring ideas but a lot of the inspiration I get is through communicating with you. Let me know if you’ve got a travel, tech, or Star Trek question in the comments below and if you’ve got a particularly clever innovation, I recommend submitting it in Marriott’s Travel Brilliantly program, where you could win a luxury trip to Washington DC.