tokyo skytree

Despite making an unconscious to rarely visit the top of such tall buildings, the Tokyo Skytree is actually the world’s highest tower. Initially disappointed the 139 meter (~456 foot) television and radio antenna atop Japan‘s tallest human-made structure was obscured by rain clouds, I was fortunate water droplets falling onto my camera lens forced me to look up.

With this photo rain delayed, I wandered back into the Tokyo Skytree Metro station beneath the tower to find Mokuchi, discovering one of the best places to try takoyaki – a non-sushi you must try in Japan. When drier skies returned I made my way around to find fairly short lines to the top of the 634 meter (2,080 foot) Skytree.

You can purchase tickets in advance at the Skytree itself (online purchase is only available with Japanese credit card) to access the 350 meter (1,148 ft) Tembo Deck. Tickets with a scheduled time are $21; if you want to take your chances and show up whenever, you’ll save $4. The 450 meter (1,476 ft) Tembo Galleria is as high as you can get but with no advance tickets you should arrive early otherwise you’ll be paying a lot of time on top of the $8 ticket; a great deal considering the cost to climb the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur.

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