mos espa sunset tunisia

While I was running around to capture these photographs from the Star Wars sets in Tunisia, some distance away on top of the car I took to get there was my iPhone 5s, recording a timelapse of the whole experience. (You can literally see me running around in the video below.) Arriving a few hours before sunset, I set up the phone, mildly stable, on a small travel bag hooked up to a PowerTrip portable battery pack.

Once everything was in place, I told Tayeb, the owner of the owner of Residence Almadina who drove me out to the Mos Espa sets about 20 kilometers (~12.5 miles) away from Tozeur, to be careful shaking the car if got in or out. To his credit, he patiently waited the entire time, even though he didn’t quite understand the enthusiasm of taking as many pictures as I did.

Coming back and forth to check in on the phone to make sure it was still standing, you can watch the result below:

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There are a number of things I would have done differently – like taking a wider angle – and I would have liked to stay into darkness. The sky changed a spectacular shade of purple I’ve rarely seen, as the remaining cars along with ours drove off quickly back to Tozeur. (With a sense of urgency I might add.) Although I couldn’t really get to the bottom of the collective retreat, the fast return got me to my train back to Tunis with only a few minutes to spare.

Still, it was one of the most geek-satisfying days of my entire travels with the The Hologram/Binary Sunset medley playing in my head the entire time.

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