red fox

I can’t believe I just typed out that title. I recalculated it a number of times to make sure I wasn’t adding an extra couple of years but that’s right, 10 years ago on this date I wrote the first foXnoMad post.

A Short History Tale

Back then in 2006, this was a blog I created for a few friends and myself, so we could keep in touch. After a few weeks, I was the only one actually posting – a process that was surprisingly enjoyable. There’s a lot of crap from those early posts and it would have probably continued that way, until someone other than my mother left a comment. After a complete stranger had found foXnoMad (it wasn’t even named that yet) it occurred to me maybe I should put some effort into what I wrote on the Internet.

So I focused on two things I knew and was passionate about: travel and technology. Some time later foXnoMad took off with me following, on a journey that is now a quest to visit every country in the world.

Catching Up With Time

I move around. A lot. Constant motion means I’m continually balancing writing with traveling. Over the years, I had been keeping pace but didn’t have much opportunity to eliminate a pesky to-do list, plus turn some other ideas into reality. Not so much now, over the past 6 months I’ve been (more or less) in one place and in front of a laptop longer than I’ve been in years.

Common Misconceptions And Several Truths About Travel Blogging Digital Nomads

You’ll see the results of this temporary slowdown soon throughout the rest of 2016, most likely while I’m exploring some jungle I shouldn’t be in or testing any rational person’s fear of heights.

A Big Thank You

All of this – my dream to travel the world and write about the places I visit is because you read and support this blog. (Plus the blogger behind it.) I look forward to continuing the trip with you as foXnoMad expands later this year beyond anything I could have imagined in 2006.

Travel smarter,

[Photo by: GDallimore]