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I had a lot in mind to write for this blog birthday post – from a renewed inspiration I’ve recently found to my upcoming plans and projects. Perhaps about the question I still can’t completely answer – how long will I keep traveling?

Or reflections on a journey that’s brought me to protests in Donestsk, Ukraine and gotten me detained in Ankara, Turkey. The places I visit so I can share a bit of what I experience with the over 2 million eyeballs that read my words on foXnoMad monthly. (Occasionally I’m assuming, while unlocking free wifi at airports with restrictions.)

But what I really want to say, is thank you. All of any of this (the big “this”) is made possible because of your support. I don’t forget it when I’m climbing volcanoes in Ecuador or end up in places that are OK to hate. Thank you again. Tonight I’ll drink raki like a Turk and cheers to you one by one. Well, actually, make that collectively, I’m still trying to recover from boozing in Moldova.

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