Finding destination specific information online is pretty easy for general queries like is it safe to travel to Kiev but gets increasingly more difficult as your searches narrow, especially to lesser-traveled places like Socotra. The process of finding the right webpage often feels like you’re looking for a one-sided conversation with a stranger who may or may not be able to help you. Newly launched Plansify aims to bride the communication gap by putting you in direct touch with travel experts from all over the world.

How Plansify Works

The Plansify website is a portal where you directly contact experts on various countries around the world for advice. Communication takes place through Skype or Plansify’s internal messaging system after setting up an agreed upon time with a Plansify expert (called advisors). Each advisor has a profile listing their specific expertise as well as hourly rates for their time, which mostly vary between $15-40 an hour. Signing up and searching Plansify is all free, it’s only once you set up a conversation time with an expert that you’re charged.

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From Beta To Bling, Plansify’s Benefits Over Free Googling

Advisors can be sorted by region (e.g. East Africa) or specialty such as career break. Developed by my friend-slash-occasional let’s-travel-somewhere-not-so-safe-buddy Wandering Earl and team, the first set of advisors – myself included –  were personally sought out to cover all of Earth as well as niches such as solo travel, volunteering and more.


One common problem with searching for specific travel questions such as how to get a long-term visa for say, Bosnia, is that what scant information available online can often be contradictory. Although I can modestly say there are wonderful travel blogs like this one, not everyone has written what you’re looking for with the personal anecdotes that can put a traveler’s mind at ease. So for example with Plansify, you could give resident and Bosnia and Herzegovina expert Mirha Masala a call to find out how to spend a summer or longer in 2012’s best city to visit.

Open to the public, anyone can sign up to become an advisor to potentially earn some money – another good way to save more for travel if you don’t live on a first-world income. Travel advisors are are sorted by rank plus customer review – though it would be nice to see some kind of peer review or featured expert highlighting as Plansify gets off the ground to better pull the best experts to the top of searches. As Plansify is currently in beta and actively seeking user feedback it’s likely to polish off any rough edges with your help, as you get the advice you need to plan you next trip to one of the world’s less traveled destinations.

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