best city 2019 round of 32

The first Round of 64 cities in the Best City to Visit Travel Tournament are a crowded blur but since you’ve voted half of them away, contenders are starting to come into focus. Spain’s Seville might want to take the prize from 2018’s best Granada, New Orleans could be America’s first, and Istanbul is off to its annual strong start. And although there’s no possibility of a back-to-back winner, there might be another repeat – here’s a high-res image of the brackets shown above to guess where.

Your votes determine which of these 32 cities move on from here. Voting is open through this Sunday, March 10th, 5pm US EST (-5 GMT). Good luck to each of these cities!

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Even So Far, Which One Of These Cities Will Break Out Of The Elite 8?

Should any of the votes be tied at the end of a round, I’ll be the official tie-breaker. The Sweet 16 begins Tuesday, March 12th, when you can see if your favorite cities advanced or were eliminated. Thanks for participating!