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Preply is an online tutoring service you can use to take (socially distanced) language classes with a live tutor or apply to become a tutor yourself to earn a side income. When Preply got in touch we took a look at the service from both sides, taking a French class as well as communicating with tutors to get their feedback.

What Is Preply?

Essentially, Preply is an online school where you can work with a live tutor one-on-one to take customized languages classes. During the sign up process, which is free with an account, you tell the system the language you want to learn, current proficiency, as well as the reason for learning (e.g. career. travel, etc.). Additionally you set your available times, hourly budget (prices vary but average $15-40), as well as how many lessons per week you want to take.

how preply works

You’ll be given a short language test to verify proficiency before you’re given a choice of tutors. The entire setup takes around 10 minutes. For tutors, on their side of the setup, parameters are nearly the same.

How It Works

As you’re looking through some of the recommended tutors you can see their native tongue, proficiency levels in other languages, plus a small blurb about them. Each tutor is also required to provide a short video introducing themselves on their profile so you can get a better idea of their personality as well.

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preply language classes

Preply has a built-in messaging system for (potential and current) students and teachers as well as a reminder system, emailing before lessons.

Preply Experience

A lot of how Preply works is based on its tutor base, which for most languages numbers in the hundreds. The ratings and reviews left by other users can also help you narrow down your search for the right tutor. Once you’ve set on a particular teacher for a lesson, they’ll create a custom lesson plan to help you reach your language goal. Built into Preply is a video system so you connect through your account on the site and converse live with your teacher; plus see any slides or media they’ve prepared.


There’s no set commitment to a particular tutor so if you want to change after a few lessons, you’re free to do so. Being live interaction with a tutor one-on-one lets them craft individual classes for you specifically and gives you plenty of opportunity to ask questions. Preply Space is another feature the platform uses to connect students and tutors, giving both access to a private chat space, plus a study room of sorts where saved lesson plans can be found.

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Side Income For Tutors

For tutors, Preply opens a way to generate a side income completely online. Tutors set their hourly rates, typically the more experience and regular students one has the higher the rate they can set. Top tutors can also potentially be selected for corporate language training program to earn more.

The flexibility of setting rates and competitive space among tutors gives them a better chance to earn money by teaching languages to people online and gives students a lot of information on choosing the ideal teacher for them. Connecting with native speakers through Preply can also give you insight into cultural aspects of a language like slang for example, boosting your confidence to practically apply all you’ve learned.