The Galaxy Buds Pro are the active noise canceling wireless earbuds we want every competitor to learn from but unfortunately it’s best features are limited to Samsung phones. Still, the Galaxy Buds Pro are physically small with a big battery at heart to power some of the best noise canceling at this size.

You can watch my full review above or read on for the highlights.

Limited Galaxy

The Galaxy Buds Pro have been a quiet release for Samsung but don’t let the name fool you, these are well designed earbuds audio enthusiasts will enjoy. Music and podcasts are crisp, the sound rich, and around 4-5 hours of battery life are average for earbuds this size. What Samsung gets right isn’t one single great feature but instead solidly above average across the board.

Bluetooth 5.0 connections are quick and reliable no matter which phone you’re connecting with. Fast charging gives you an hour of use with a 5 minute top off and the case has wireless charging in addition to USB-C. Waterproof for up to 30 minutes, the Galaxy Buds Pro pack a lot into the best wireless earbuds case on the market right now.

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Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Pro Are Great But Not For Every Phone

Not For Everyone

Sadly though, the features that really make the Galaxy Buds Pro special are limited to Samsung devices. Take automatic device switching between your phone and tablet – it’s only works with Samsung devices. Charging up the case through your phone’s wireless coil? Samsung devices only. Adjusting the active noise cancelling from ambient mode all the way up to maximum? The most nuanced features are limited to Android devices.

Perhaps none of this is surprising. Samsung is clearly hoping the Galaxy Buds Pro give you reason to keep or upgrade to a Galaxy device, much like Airpods for with Apple. Samsung’s made the best wireless earbuds with ANC of the year so far, it’s a shame not everyone can enjoy the full feature set.

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