I’m not sure if it is better to give flyers nothing and let them just pay for extra luxuries (like coffee) or to just have a plane ticket that’s 15$ more and get a Coke with my included pretzels. The changes take place June 20, 2007.

  • $5 flat fee for EACH checked bag, up to 50 lbs., if arranged in advance online
  • $10 flat fee per checked bag, up to 50 lbs., if you wait until the airport to pay the fee (Geez, makes this trick no good for these flights)
  • All beverages such as coffee, juice, and soda will cost $1 (water is free)
  • First class is downgraded to premium economy. It?s renamed ?the Big Front Seat.? No more free booze.
This Simple Tip Gets You Through Istanbul Airport Departures In Half The Time

Here is the story [via Consumerist]. Spirit still is really good about ticket prices and their flight attendants are great so they’re let’s keep them on our good side shall we? 😉