The CD is 25 Years Old

The CD turned 25 years old this past weekend, first created by Phillips on August 17, 1982.

Airfares Do Not Go Up On The Weekends

There is a widespread myth that airfares go up during the weekend.

Controlling Bridge Fears

Jennifer Huget has a good list of tips for controlling your anxiety as you that architectural masterpiece.

The Ultimate Spork

Great for saving space, travel, (and a great idea for the upcoming school year), the ??Spork Original?? from Swedish designers Light My Fire.

Turkey Bans WordPress

Blocking/censoring WordPress because of content on a blog is like outlawing Honda after someone is arrested for drink driving.

Hacking the Turkish WordPress Ban

Those of you sitting in Turkey can??t read this anyway, but here is a way to get around the WordPress ban.