How Airports Get An International Designation, Even If They Only Have Domestic Flights

In case you??re wondering how that 2 flight-a-day airport in the middle of Kansas supports international flights, to call themselves an ??international?? airport, they don??t have to.

Contest Results Are In

Those of you who submitted your travel stories for the End Of Year Contest, I greatly appreciate it. luispantoja submitted two blog posts on Lima, Peru and Caracas, Venezuela and followed all of the directions to a tee.

Scandinavian Heritage Museum – Minot, North Dakota

The museum is really a gem in the middle of the tiny town of Minot. There isn??t much else to do and the park is about a $7 taxi ride from the airport.

Prepare For Ski/Snowboard Season Online

Since snow is (finally) beginning to fall in many parts of the world, it??s time to check out my online ski and snowboard preparation guide.

How To Keep Your Online Account Safe At Internet Cafes

The problem is that most of us need to check out the Internet for a variety of reasons while we??re away on travel. Here are some good ways to keep your online accounts safe.