Sexiest Story Contest Results

Congratulations to Daryl, whose Bellagio post was closely voted by foXnoMad readers as the Sexiest Summer Story, earning him $250 towards his next trip.

What To Expect In Muslim Countries If Traveling During Ramadan

How Ramadan will affect your travels in Muslim countries varies across the Islamic world, within these countries, and even among the populations themselves.

From The Red Fort To The Chandni Chowk Market

Upon Taylor Davidson’s suggestion, I made my way across the street from the Red Fort to one of Delhi’s oldest markets, Chandni Chowk.

Semester Abroad: Drinking Ages Around The World

While outside of the United States, the minimum drinking age is almost universally 18, there are some exceptions you need to be aware of.

What To Expect and How To Prepare For Business Trips To India – Part 2 of 2

An Interview With The Geneticist Who Overcomes Flight Phobia To Study The World's Fastest People

On Tuesday, I wrote about how to prepare and what to expect, mostly before, your business trip to India. Today, I want to give you a better sense of what to expect during and after a business meeting in India.