Over the coming weekend I’ll be expanding and reworking the email updates so they are more useful and readable with some new options. I plan on creating a different newsletters and add a personal touch to them as well. A number of you have sent me suggestions about them, and some features you’d like built into the website. I promise that I’ll finally get around to them over the new few days. If you’ve got anything to add, feel free to let me know in the comments or send me an email.


Also, I’m planning another summer contest, although I’m thinking of pushing it back to June or July. It’s typically slower on the Internets during the busy summer traveling months and might be a nice change of pace. I’ll be posting more about it in 2 weeks but you can check out the Sexiest Travel Story Contest from last May and a history of the others contests as well. Your comments are always welcome.

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[photo by: Cayusa]