travel blog successWorld traveler Dave Lee blogged his way around the world in 2007 and is the founder of and (both nominated for 2010 Bloggies). On Monday he launched Travel Blog Success, a community for those looking to improve their travel blogs and potentially use them to earn money for traveling.

More travelers are becoming interested in travel blogging, particularly as a way of earning income to fund part of their travels. Travel Blog Success is a membership site that consists of 12 core lessons ranging from creating a travel blog, the technical details of maintaining a website, and managing a travel blog while you actually travel.

Who Is Travel Blog Success For?

Travel Blog Success isn’t for the casual writer but those of you looking to turn your new or existing travel blogs into a more professional outlet or earn a side income blogging. Dave doesn’t promise that you’ll triple your readership or make thousands of dollars but Travel Blog Success can help your travel blog beyond more than just the 12 core lessons.

  • An active community and forum where you can meet other travel bloggers, ask questions, and get advice about blogging and travel.
  • Podcasts and audio interviews with other experienced travel bloggers.
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Travel Blog Success is a membership site that runs $75 for premium membership and access to all of the lessons, forums, and audio interviews. Dave has pulled together some of travel blogging’s best minds and put together a valuable resource if you’re serious about travel blogging.

You can read more on my full review of Travel Blog Success over on my other blog, Travel Blog Advice.