cathay pacific first classOne of the best sites to manage all of your frequent flyer and reward accounts in one place, Award Wallet, is offering a free upgrade to Award Wallet Plus for the first 50 foXnoMad readers using the promotional code: “foxnomad”.

Award Wallet is free, and Award Wallet Plus has no set price (you name your own), but new and existing users can now upgrade for a number of enhanced features.

Sign-Up To Award Wallet Is Free

Award Wallet is my preferred manager for all my frequent flyer accounts since it not only tracks them, but alerts me when any are close to expiring, and can be used for hotel, credit card, and other reward programs as well. One of the major advantages of upgrading to Award Wallet Plus is getting expiration notices on an unlimited number of accounts (the basic version limits you to 3).

  • Some of you had a few questions about Award Wallet security, which creators Todd Mera and Alexi Vereschaga were kind enough to answer.
  • Sign up for Award Wallet here.
  • Use the promotional code “foxnomad” to get a free upgrade to Award Wallet Plus. (Click My Account > Upgrade To Award Wallet Plus > Enter Price $1.00; you won’t be charged > Add Promotional Code)
  • Award Wallet also lets you keep track of miles for other people like friends and family (i.e. your parents who have totally lost track of theirs).
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Those of you using Award Wallet already have a great digital tool to track your miles, but there are still some more ways to bump up your frequent flyer earning up a notch.

award wallet

Not Using Frequent Flyer Miles?

One of my 10 pieces of advice for backpacking novices and travelers in general is to get signed up with a frequent flyer program. Even if you don’t fly too often, most of the miles you earn will be on the ground anyway and you can easily get a free upgrade with less than an hour of your time.

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The promotional code “foxnomad” is good for the first 50 people to use it (newsletter subscribers got a head start yesterday). However, even if you don’t get a chance to use the code, the basic version of Award Wallet alone is a very good way to keep track of, and encourage yourself to use those frequent flyer miles.

[photos by: Richard Moross (Cathay Pacific first class)]